For the sake of our Family


            As many of us have realized, the cause for European solidarity is a daring affront. The recent Charlottesville Rally (Unite the Right) has been called a catastrophic failure (regardless if it’s Angela Nagle and her recent article Goodbye Pepe or Millennial Woes’ new video The Charlottesville Debacle.) This rally was intended to bring together a plethora of Nationalists, in a public display for all of Americans to see. Many reading this already know what the publicity coverage has wrought.  The result was this: the Nationalists who participated were prevented to congregate by the local police, they were assaulted by various Left-Wing agitators, and tragically, a woman named Heather Heyer was killed by suspect Alex Fields (believed to be a member of Vanguard America).  In a frenzy, many media outlets are portraying all of the Alt-Right as National Socialists.

All of us who consider themselves “Pro-European” are undoubtedly concerned. I myself look at this as yet another set back. The history of White Nationalist activism has, afterall, been plagued with problems. Nazi flags, Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, ridiculous street tactics…one could write an entire tome on how these things haven’t advanced us. But I believe this is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what principles we actually stand for. What do we want? How do we, as Pro-White advocates, want the world to be like? We want European people to exist in the immediate/long term future. The vast majority of us want Europeans to preserved at the genetic level. In other words, we want European people without admixture from distant human groups. We want healthy White families to interact with one another. It’s about our kids, really. And to be honest, it’s about the world too. Every person on Earth has benefited from European creations (like electricity and the airplane flight).  It is a God given right. Every opportunity that we have must be seized swiftly, without respite.

By this standard, every European life matters. And since our own governments don’t seem to understand our important place in the world, we must try to gain the favor of every White person on the planet. This is numbers game; an ideological war of the masses. Multiculturalists/Multiracialists have practically every institution on their side in the West. Any action that would advance the security of White families is necessary. But the world is nuanced. And we have to understand that any bad publicity stunt might just destroy our chances of preservation. Indeed, as John Lock wrote, man was not to prevent, “… the life, the liberty, health, limb, or goods of another…”. In this way, we must prevent the harm of our Family, the entirety of the European race.


May God’s Gift of Reason Light our Way


Mixed Race Infants Are Unhealthy Because Of Complex Gene-Environment Interaction


Author’s Note: a second article is in the works for this topic.

The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. -Noel Ignatiev

                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. Introduction
  2. Relevant Data Sets
  3. Discourse/Explanation
  4. Objection 1-Specific Genetic Issues
  5. Objection 2-Poverty And Asian Couples
  6. Objection 3-More On Poverty
  7. Objection 4-Pollution and Infant Defects



Health disparities exist for infants in the United States, and this pattern can be recognized via racial/ethnic classification. This trend has been noticed in metropolitan areas like New York City. Borrell et al conducted a massive review via official health records for infants born in that area (Parental Race/Ethnicity and Adverse Birth Outcomes in New York City: 2000–2010). (4)  Upon investigation, the researchers found minorities did have lower healthcare outcomes. Additionally, mixed infants are, in fact, unhealthier than White-monoracial children. I will be analyzing the data sets that they compiled because it was chiefly based on otherwise neutral sources. Because of how universally unhealthy mixed-race infants are, there must be genetic factors at play here. This article does not review the various cognitive problems that mixed children would suffer from via low birth-weight and preterm; that would require it’s own essay.(27) I must apologize ahead of time for the cut images; I  was forced to separate the complete graphs in rows. This was because the data sets were too large. Additionally, I will address arguments that could be used against my thesis.

2. Relevant Datasets

low birth

Small gestational complete

Preterm final

final graph for miss

 ARR = adjusted relative risk; CI = confidence interval; RR = relative risk;

Relevant Socioeconomic Data For All Parents

White Mean

hispanic-black mean

Asian average

3. Discourse/Explanation

The infant records were found via the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). These health records were matched with extreme accuracy, the researchers estimated that these records were 99% correct.  Overall,
1,377,404 records were consulted.  For the negative health ailments, the following standards were applied:

  1. Low-birth weight was considered under 2500 grams (4)
  2. Gestational age was termed as “below the 10th percentile” (4)
  3. Preterm infants were born before 37 weeks (4)
  4. Infant mortality was defined as death in the first year (4)

The birth certificates described the race of each child. The researchers actually define interracial relationships as ethnic discordance, and I fully uphold this terminology. Any White person who is marrying outside of their group is technically committing an act discordance against their community; we need as many White people having healthy offspring (for reasons beyond the scope of this article).  The researchers themselves admit that White infants are considered the healthiest overall, “To account for concordance (parents of same race/ethnicity) and discordance (parents of different race/ethnicity), we created a variable combining mother’s and father’s race/ethnicity. We used Whites as the reference, as they have the lowest incidence for the study.”(4) Indeed, the researchers conclude that interracial relationships almost always produce unhealthier children regardless of the ailment, “We found that…there was increased risk of having an adverse birth outcome associated with having parents of different or discordant race/ethnicity, this increase was not consistent across outcomes and women’s race/ethnicity.” (4) This sentiment is reiterated at another time, “Moreover, compared with White couples, parental racial/ethnic discordance was associated with an increased risk of adverse birth outcomes for all racial/ethnic groups.”(4) The only exception that can be found are White/Asian infants; they have the lowest rate of infant mortality (specifically at a rate of 0.8). However, these Half-Asian infants suffer from preterm birth rates at a higher rate than monoracial, White infants (specifically at a rate of 1.3).  This occurs when the father is White and the mother is Asian.  Half-Asian infants are also more likely suffer from low gestational weight (1.1) and low birth weight (1.1).  Again, those ailments affect infants born to Asian mothers and White fathers. White Men/Black Females had high rates of low birth weight in their offspring (1.9). Hispanic Females/White Males produced a rate of 1.4 for low birth weight descendants. What about other pairs?  Infants born to Hispanic fathers and White mothers have a 1.5 higher risk of being born with a low birth weight. The exact same percentage was reported for infants descended from Black fathers and White mothers. Half-Asian infants that are descended from White mothers have a similar risk rate as well (1.4). Black females have terrible outcomes regardless of the partner. This is because of a whole host of factors which includes high drug abuse,”They are older, more likely to be black, and they have higher rates of illicit drug use, less education, and lower social status.”(13) Asian males seem to have some of the worst outcomes for mixed infants, “For Black women, the risks of an adverse birth outcome were highest with an Asian partner.” This holds true for Hispanic women as well, “Hispanic women had greater risks of having a LBW or SGA baby with an Asian partner and higher risks of a preterm birth or IM with a Black partner.” (4) For White Women and Asian Males, their offspring were plagued with different health problems, “For example, we found that for White women, the risks of LBW and SGA were higher when they had an Asian partner…”(4) Asian women, who are known to marry outside their group at high levels in the United States, were demonstrated to have the worst outcomes for their offspring, “With the exception of no risk of IM when the father was White, Asian women’s risks were  higher for all outcomes regardless of the father’s race/ethnicity, with the highest risks observed when the father was either Black or Hispanic.” (4)(30)  Strong epigeneti evidence points to socioeconomic factors playing a role for gestational growth as well. King et al confirmed this in a comparison of infants from North Carolina. (15) So, there must be other epigenetic effects on infants in New York City that contribute to poor outcomes. 

What about the rates of smoking and drinking among all ethnicities? It is apparent that, despite the fact that White Infants are the healthiest overall, the rates of smoking and drinking are higher in White parents overall (the exception here would be Blacks).

                                       Racial Smoking and Drinking Levels

smoking white

hispan smiking

blacks smoking

Asian Smoking

How is it that minority infants are still unhealthy if their parents are smoking less than White parents? This is probably due to genetics and environment as well. A Dutch study compared the various rates smoking among different ethnicities/races, Since maternal smoking during pregnancy is quite equally distributed among the ethnic populations, it does not contribute much to the observed differences in birthweight.”(34) That study compared native Dutch people and immigrants. 

Objection 1: How can you assume that the health problems associated with mixed race infants are partially genetic ? How do you know that stress and poverty aren’t the only/main culprits? 

Borrel et al claim that a “weathering hypothesis” is the explanation for these poor outcomes.(4) However, the sources they cite were mainly deal with African American women only.(16)(17)(18) But that shall be addressed shortly. The poor health of interracial children was observed in early infant studies, “Group differences were more strongly related to the mother’s race than to the father’s, and the trends were related to the mother’s race. Because the father’s race was significant, genetic factors are probably of some importance.“(6) Later studies confirmed that genetic inheritance certainly played a significant role in a biracial infant’s health. But we need to look elsewhere: Gold et al found that significant health differences were found between White, Biracial, and Black infants. The data came from California, and was based off health records from 1998-2002. The researchers found the following, “When all demographic, social, biological, genetic, congenital, and procedural risk factors except gestational age and birth weight were included, the odds ratios  were all still significant. Black/black couples had the highest level of risk, followed by black mother/white father couples, and white mother/black father couples. Virtually all of the higher risk of fetal death was explainable by higher rates of low birth weight and prematurity.”(10)  The compiled rates were as follows:

rates miscarriage

                                                             (Gold et al, 10)

As one can see, the amount of stillbirths was higher for the interracial couples. This was especially true of White Father/Black Mother relationships, but the White Mother/Black Father rates were still far worse than the rates of stillbirth for White Couples. The outcomes for mulatto infants was at the detriment of the surveyed White population.(10)  What are the specifics to this horrible process? For this, we have to understand that having mixed genetic ancestry through mtDNA and yDNA perpetuates this happening. Let’s look at one of the best studies that has been published on this subject: Divergent Patterns of Mitochondrial and Nuclear Ancestry Are Associated with the Risk for Preterm Birth. This study investigated the unusually high rates of Preterm Birth among African Americans,”Haplogroup-defining polymorphisms are not merely markers of ancestry, and have consequences for mitochondrial function, including the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression.”(20) Some might be surprised to know that many African Americans have large amounts of European ancestry. The European ancestry that African Americans have was distributed from White Males when slavery was still legal.(20) To put it another way, having ancestry from vastly different ancestors contributes to these genetic predispositions. It is necessary to demonstrate this with a principal component analysis. The turquoise dots below represent the African population. As one can see, the African American population is represented by a long cline between European American (CEU) and African (YRI) samples. (24)



                                                                            (Price, 24)

The majority of mitochondrial haplogroups (mtDNA) that African Americans have are African, since these come from African women originally, “… individuals with L, U6, or U5b1 haplogroup mtDNA and primarily African nuclear ancestry were defined as having low levels of divergent ancestry, whereas individuals with non-African haplogroups and high degrees of African nuclear ancestry had high levels of divergent ancestry.”(20)  These researchers looked at any potential confounding variables that would skew results for the African American population. They examined a number socioeconomic variables such as years of school taken, income, etc. According to the researchers, “There was no detected statistical association between divergent ancestry and any of these factors.” (21)

infant admixture

ancestry africa                                                   Measurements of Admixture For Test Subjects

South Asian[SAS], American [AMR], East Asian [EAS], African [AFR] and European [EUR]

                                                        (Crawford, 20)

Crawford et al go on to establish that the mitochondria functions are disrupted because  mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups typically co-evolved in certain populations. European and African haplogroups really aren’t supposed to be together in one cell based on this observation. And this reality extends to other non-human organisms as well, “Animal studies have shown that common haplogroup polymorphisms have consequences for reproductive fitness. In this study, we have found that the inheritance of nuclear and mtDNA from distinct ancestral origins is associated with an increased risk for preterm birth.”(20) And, ” In livestock, certain mtDNA haplotypes are associated with improved milk and meat quality, whilst, other species, mtDNA haplotypes have shown increased longevity, growth and susceptibility to diseases.”(26) These observations from animals bolster the case for mtDNA interaction for discordant ancestry in humans. This is the case even though farm animals and humans won’t have the exact same outcomes as they aren’t the same species. The same logic can be applied to epigenetic phenomena as well: we should expect epigenetic phenomena in humans because we observe them in other species (like mice). But that in no way guarantees that we would observe the same or similar overreaching trait modifications. Other studies of animals have revealed that this trend of cross breeding distinct populations causes changes health outcomes in multiple ways, “…mitochondrial haplogroups have been bred into a distinct nuclear background, also show the potential for widespread changes in health, with the incidence of obesity, insulin signaling, and lifespan all affected.” (20)(25) But what does this have to do with New York biracial infants? Simple: the rates of preterm infants born to Hispanic Fathers/White Mothers and Black Fathers/White Mothers are exactly the same, which is at 1.4. That is worse than the healthiest White average of 1. For Hispanic Mothers/White Fathers, the rate was at 1.5. Hispanic people have high amounts of discordant ancestry from Africa, Europe, and Native Americans,”… Latinos in the US carry 18.0% Native American ancestry, 65.1% European ancestry, and 6.2% African ancestry.”(20) So, Crawford et al’s findings readily apply for these Hispanic/White offspring: their poor outcomes can be partially explained by the all the African, Native American, and White ancestry that they have.

As previously stated, I am in no way denying that maternal poverty or stress has an effect on infant health. The most recent, credible research shows that depression absolutely affects an infant during gestation,”…infants from depressed mothers were found to have increased methylation of the NR3C1 gene compared to infants from non-depressed mothers.”(28) However, the “stress hypothesis” cannot not be applied for all members in discordant relationships, or count for all/most the effects that occur in biracial births. Nor  do I believe that the environment is solely responsible for all of these these stress induced-outcomes. (See note 1)  The main problem with this proposition is that many White Americans already approve or don’t mind interracial marriage. But White People aren’t marrying out as much as other ethnic groups. Therefore, in the rare instance that a White person has a Non-White partner, it is unlikely that these interracial couples are being treated in a less-preferable way by their families:

“…Whites are somewhat less willing to marry and bear children interracially than to date interracially. These attitudes and behaviors are related to warmth toward racial outgroups, political conservatism, age, gender, education, and region. Third, White women are likely to approve of interracial relationships for others but not themselves, while White men express more willingness to engage in such relationships personally, particularly with Asians. However, neither White men nor White women are very likely to actually engage in interracial relationships. Thus, positive global attitudes toward interracial relationships do not translate into high rates of actual interracial cohabitation or marriage despite the fact that most White Americans (especially White Females) aren’t interested in being in a relationship with a non-White person.” (5) In fact, different races/ethnicities do not experience the same amount of stress while they are in an interracial relationship. And this spans across different age groups, “The negative effects of interracial dating hold similarly for boys and girls and among White and Black youth. Interracial dating less negatively effects the depressive symptomatology of Hispanics, though, and actually appears to ‘protect’ Asian youth from depressive symptoms.”(9) Additionally, White women seem to get extremely stressed from being in a relationship between either Hispanic or Black males. Blacks in those relationships aren’t affected by stress in those relationships:

…non-Hispanic whites intermarried with non-Hispanic blacks, non-Hispanic whites intermarried with non-Hispanic other races, and non-Hispanic white women with Hispanic husbands report significantly poorer health than their endogamous counterparts. Furthermore, non-Hispanic whites with non-Hispanic black spouses also fare worse than their interracially married peers with Hispanic spouses. In contrast, the self-reported health of married non-Hispanic blacks shows no significant difference between the interracially and the endogamously married.”(10)

These were based on self-reports. One could even say that the problem with self-reports is that there could be bias with what an individual is actually reporting; in terms of how people are treating them, there very well could be exaggerations or dishonesty. There is  the reality of perceived discrimination, i.e. the perception of being discriminated regardless if it is really happening. (15)  It is true that Borrel et al  speculate that stress contributes to the poor health of mixed infants, “Moreover, partnering with a man outside a woman’s race/ethnicity may lead to stress because of discriminatory treatment, family disapproval, and reduced social support.”(4) They reference an older  study entitled What about the couple?’ Interracial marriage and psychological distress.(8)  This study explored the stress levels of interracial couples, especially of Native Americans, Hispanics, and White people. Indeed, the stress levels of poverty were observed, “Lower socioeconomic status explains approximately half of the increased distress experienced by white women, while higher socioeconomic status partially suppresses increases in distress for Hispanic men and women.” (8)   I am not aware of any demographic data that shows all/most White American parents shun their children that engage in an interracial relationship.  If someone is going to try to debunk the apparent genetic contribution to poor health outcomes via stress through neglect, they would need to show that this is an overreaching factor for all/most of these relationships. Where this stress is coming from is another important aspect to consider:  Even if there was a trend of neglect for interracial families/pregnancies, it would only be because of the natural inclination to find these relationships unacceptable, “Bias against interracial romance is correlated with self-reported feelings of disgust”. (12) This phenomenon can be observed via brain scans. There is an intense neural mechanism that is triggered when a person observes interracial couples,“Interracial couples elicit a neural disgust response among observers – as indicated by increased insula activation.”(12) In this case, this psychological disgust could be considered an extension of ethnic nepotism or association; if people are disgusted by these relationships it would imply that being involved with an individual of an out-group is not beneficial to the in-group. Because the affects of race mixing create unhealtheir children, this natural disgust is moral.  And as I have shown above, the most distinctive evidence proves this.

Objection 2: What about Asians in NYC ? They are some of the most impoverished people in the city. How can you assume it’s not mostly/entirely the impoverished environment that’s causing these problems? 

Despite the fact that 40% of all NYC Asians were low-income earners in the early 2000’s, 60% of Asians living in the city were not living in poverty.(7) In other words, the majority of these Asians were not low-income earners. Another problem with this objection is that the vast majority of these people were also not of child rearing age; most of the Asians living in poverty were either seniors or children.(7) (In this case, young teenagers are considered children.)  Cambodians seem to have highest rates of poverty, but I am not aware of any surge interracial relationships between Cambodians and out-group races.(7)  Therefore, young Asian adults are probably the ones who engage in a ethnically discordant union, regardless of the pairing. Case and point, it’s critical to look the actual demographic data:

Poverty Asian american.PNG


Asian Poverty

Furthermore, the rates of poverty for NYC Asians has been free falling since the year 2000. It is incoherent, therefore, to assume that poverty is solely/ the cause for poorer healthcare outcomes for these half-Asian children. (1) Again, how one defines an influence that accounts for “most” outcomes depends on perspective. As for poverty, again I would simply conclude that it is important but alas, not the only factor. When we look at the whole country, the vast majority of Asians aren’t living in poverty either. (3)

Washington posr

                                                                    (Guo, 3)

Finally, we have evidence from a recent infant study that evaluated the health of Korean biracial infants. Yang et al proved that the genetic underpinnings of mate choice in poor health outcomes. These researchers looked for similar ailments as reported in the New York study: low-birth weight, high birth weight, preterm births,”This study evaluated pregnancy outcomes according to parental ethnicity and found significant differences in birth weight between the study groups, with the highest birth weight in the Foreign Father and Korean Mother (FFKM) group and the lowest birth weight in the Korean Father Foreign Mother (KFFM) group.”(33) Korean men who had biracial offspring typically married women from South Asia. The genetic distance between South Asians (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,etc) and East Asians is actually quite high. And as far as I am aware, these individuals weren’t poor either, since majority of people living in poverty in South Korea are elderly, “The limited scale of pension provision and social welfare explain why nearly one-half of the elderly live in relative poverty, the highest proportion among OECD countries.” (29) It’s necessary to look at PCAs to show the genetic relatiblity among East Asian populations

cluster asains

                                                                (Yang, 31)


                                                                       (Xing, 19)

Notice that there are various clines and clusters that represent the genetic diversity within India. T.N. Brahmin,A.P. Brahmin, Pakistani clusters/clines are quite far away from the Japanese and Chinese clusters respectively. The first PCA from Yang et al shows that Koreans are very close to other East Asians:

In Korea, most Korean men in an interracial marriage chose to marry Asian women, particularly those from Southeast Asia, who are generally smaller than Korean women; in contrast, most Korean women in an interracial marriage chose to marry Western men, who are generally taller than Korean men. Birth weight is known to be associated with parental genetic factors. In addition, our results suggest that foreign fathers generate a “promoting effect” on birth weight in the offspring of Korean mothers, whereas foreign mothers generate a “constraining effect” on birth weight in the offspring of Korean fathers, similar to the findings in a study by Wells et al. Based on their study, the results of paternal ethnicity differences between two ethnic groups were asymmetrical, which suggests ‘paternal-promoting’ and ‘paternal-restraining’ effects.” (33). The mate choice for Korean men are smaller women while  Korean Women choose are larger men, Maternal and paternal height represent a complex conjuncture of genetic and environmental influences, especially long-term dietary intake and nutritional status.”(34) The genetic/environmental heritability of height can be explored further by comparing shorter populations to larger ones, such as Pygmies and Bantus. (35) 

Objection 3: Since Asian teenagers and seniors are extremely impoverished and live in polluted housing, how do you know that they aren’t having interracial children?

It’s unlikely that most Asians with interracial children are having pregnancies below the age of 20, considering the fact that they currently have the lowest rate of teen pregnancies overall in the city. (2) The rate of teen pregnancies for Asians was already one of the lowest in NYC, and the rate even began to free-fall from 2000 to 2011. I am not aware of any demographic evidence that suggests Asian teens were having interracial children in large numbers, especially in the early to the late 2000’s.

NYC teens

                                     (New York City Teen Pregnancy Records,2)

As for Asian seniors, I am not aware of ANY demographic evidence that they are having children at that age.

Objection 4: “What about pollution causing low-birthweight? Pollution in the city could cause this lower birth weight, which would be contrary to that ailment is influenced by genetic inheritance.”

Levels of pollution certainly can affect birth weight, but this depends on the geographic context and the chemical involved. Consider Massachusetts. There is medical evidence that exists for infants born in that state having a higher rate of low birth weight, specifically from pollution.(23)  For New York, there is currently no consistent  evidence that ozone affects a child’s likelihood of low birth weight, “There were no consistent dose-response relationships between the pollutants and TLBW (term low birth weight). Ozone exposure was associated with a higher risk of TLBW only in the first trimester, but these results were not statistically significant. Exposure to the third quartile of ozone for the full gestational period had negative associations with TLBW (odds ratio = 0.86; 95% confidence interval, 0.81-0.92).” And finally, “Collaboration within the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network to share methods and data for research proved feasible and efficient in assessing the relationship of air pollutants to adverse birth outcomes. This study finds little evidence to support positive associations between exposure to ozone or PM2.5 and TLBW( term low birth weight) in New York State.” (21) One study,“…found a statistically significant association between PbB and birth weight. Relative to 0 μg/dL, PbBs of 5 and 10 μg/dL were associated with an average of 61-g and 87-g decrease in birth weight, respectively.” Also that study found that, “Low-level PbB was associated with a small risk of decreased birth weight with a supralinear dose–response relationship, but was not related to preterm birth or small for gestational age. The results have important implications regarding maternal PbB.” (32) Considering how small the reduction of weight was for the offspring itself, maternal blood lead level had an extremely small effect on these infants. Healthy birth weight for infants overall is at least 2500 grams, and 61 and 87 grams is minuscule in comparison. (4). 


  1. Previously, I made the mistake of not being more clear when it came to the effects of the environment for infant health where maternal stress is concerned. I do believe that maternal lifestyle is absolutely important.  In the statement about stress, I wasn’t clear about what I was referring to, especially concerning the environment when I said, “Nor do I believe that the environment is primarily responsible for these outcomes.” My use of primarily was incorrect. I meant to put the word “solely” but I forgot to do this during my editing. The primary thesis of this essay has remained consistent however: both the environment and genetic contributions to an infants health would be important, regardless of what heritability estimates are tagged along to any of these ailments. It has now been corrected as of June 3, 2018.


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It has finally come for me to write this. I may not be the best writer, but I felt as if I needed to express my sentiment (should anything happen to me in the next day, week, month, or even in the years to come). There may be some who are reading this essay who don’t sympathize with Pro-White/”Alt-Right” advocacy. Let me clarify some of my basic positions: I uphold what was previously deemed as natural by past generations of White People: child rearing and the promotion of European culture.(3) Many people like myself also uphold the elimination of anything that would that would halt the evolutionary process for the European race. Nature’s God has endowed us with the incredible gift of Reason, and the Instinct Of Survival.  Many of us realize that there is a relentless push from many of our own institutions to pull us away from that good state of Nature. And as a man, I see that this strategy is especially promoted for our daughters.  I rarely ever use this term, but to me, this is what “degeneracy” is all about: any influence that is intended divide White Men and Women from the evolutionary course that Nature’s God has given us. If you are one of those White People who don’t agree with  any of these things, I promise that you will not be ridiculed or shamed  in this article. You probably want the best for our women. You are probably amazed at how smart, clever, and relentlessly beautiful they are. You realize that White Women are a valuable asset to Western countries, and that it wouldn’t be the same without them.  Why? Because most likely, you are a good person. You understand that, in the not so distant past, women did suffer in particular ways just like men. I also don’t believe that you would want to see White femininity destroyed forever; they have a certain glow, a certain spiritual optimism that we all have seen. And I want our women to experience incredible meaning that this life has to offer.  Therefore, I believe that the weight of eternity is on our shoulders.  Because of this, Pro-White advocates have felt like the only voice in the wilderness. The time has come for me to write how we must raise our daughters.

The pictures above shows a healthy, beautiful, white woman. While she is technically a public figure, I won’t mention her name. In all honesty, she is one of the most attractive young women I have ever seen. Her innocent blue eyes, soft dimples, and her child-like smile give the impression of a gentle woman. Her skin is a true, genuine peach color. Her lips are simply feminine. Her whole aura seems so tender, like an angelic spirit. Truly, I can say that she is one of the jewels of our people.

I am mentioning this particular woman because her personal life is a product of this gross-overreaching “degeneracy” that is affecting the most precious members of our Race: a quick look at her Instagram reveals she is involved in pornographic modeling, and it seems that she supports every leftist cause imaginable. Her first model shoot was with a Black man. She was mainly involved in lesbian pornographic films. Lastly, many of her friends aren’t white, and she even idolizes Black women with elaborate digital-clip art. Looking at all of this breaks my heart. What led one of our own women to this lifestyle? Where are her parents? What are her grandparents like? What was she like when she was a child?


 This is a picture of her when she was a mere child. She was just an innocent baby. Did her parents expect this sweet little infant to sell her body to the scum of the Earth?

But I have been noticing this more and more. Our girls are gravitating to this lifestyle with the hope of being happy. It seems that indulging in things that are precisely against our instincts is required steps for womanhood. It’s almost like a right of passage that is expected for our girls to take. But we cannot give into hopelessness, because resisting tyranny is what we White people do best. We must understand our girls and the many gifts Nature has endowed them. The example I provided above is a perfect instance of what behavior we must prevent at all costs. We must be good, caring parents and we must never be abusive. I am writing this article as the first part of my multi-part Prevention series. This series will probably evolve into a video series on Youtube. These articles will cover some of the most crucial, social concerns for our girls:




First and foremost,  it is true that White/European people could be described as egalitarian. Several studies have shown strong evidence that points to individualist culture being partially genetic. Many European nations and White Americans could technically be considered individualistic from a basic standpoint. (4)(5)(6) Does this mean Nature has doomed us? No! Fortunately, the natural default for White people could be defined as a healthy balance of individualism and ethnic/racial association. Ethnic/Racial association could be considered as a starting point for a sense of collectivism. This can be observed at all ages for White People. At infancy, older White Infants associate sad music with the faces of other races. (7) Additionally, White Infants rely more on the gaze cues from members of their own race, especially in times of uncertainty. (8) What about other age groups? Self segregation is one of the most well documented social  realities, and many have explored the nature of kin based altruism, “Altruism toward kin and similar others evolved in order to help replicate shared genes. Since ethnic groups are repositories of shared genes, xenophobia is the ‘dark side’ of human altruism. A review of the literature demonstrates the pull of genetic similarity in dyads such as marriage partners and friendships, and even large groups, both national and international.” (10) Still other scholars have found that these ethnocentric attitudes are inherited, “In short, there is a heritable syndrome of political attitudes associated with ingroup favoritism and the enforcement of social rules. More tentatively, this syndrome may include essentialist beliefs about social categories. Interestingly, conservative traits form a tighter phenotypic cluster than liberal ones, suggesting that conservatism has been more of a target of selection”.(15) The need to promote ethnocentrism has been determined by political victors, “More specifically, that an ethnocentrism syndrome has been maintained because, in some societies at some times, individuals high in ethnocentrism and conservatism have succeeded in setting up social enforcement mechanisms that both favor their group in competition with others and, concordantly, impose extra costs on non-conforming, non-ethnocentric individuals within the group.”(15)  Left-leaning webzines like The Atlantic have admitted that self segragation exists. (11)

Social Netowrks

                                                       (13, Robert Jones)

Now because of all these facts, parents and educators must promote a culture of collectivism for White girls (and White boys for that matter). What does that have to do pornography? Simple: a collectivist culture usually looks down upon pornographic activity and premarital sex overall, “More importantly…collectivistic individuals, especially people with high vertical collectivism, were less likely to accept premarital and extramarital sex and engage in sexually permissive behavior. “(1)  Extreme individualistic culture is associated with pornographic consequences,  “People with the highest individualistic orientation, namely, vertical individualism, were most likely to accept Internet pornography, premarital sex, and sexually permissive behavior. The findings indicate that an egalitarian orientation of people, including those with horizontal individualism, horizontal collectivism, and vertical collectivism, are more likely to abide by social norms and conform to community standard against deviance. “(1) This is fundamentally one of the most important pieces of evidence, especially when it comes to our sexuality. Of course many people have already noted the emotional harm that pornography does.(12) The current cultural paradigm in public education  is exploiting our individualistic natures. It has been documented that some American schools are actually using pornographic material to instruct our children.(9) There is plenty of opportunity  to promote a new, White collectivist culture when they are in elementary school. The opposite is often  promoted  in the USA and other Western nations. White parents must eliminate any type sexual conditioning when their daughters are young.  Many influences are set into our girls as soon as they grow into toddlers,”There is…a growing recognition that young girls are being oversexualized by influences such as beauty pageants for very young girls, the stage antics of female singers such as Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, and the availability of consumer goods such as padded bras for girls as young as six….” (2). The sexaulization of children via clothing should be permanently abolished. Secondly, traditional Western clothing for young girls should be promoted. The long skirt is one recommended piece of clothing; depending on the style, it is quite modest. Young white girls need to be given healthy, nuanced approaches to themselves. They should be instructed on how to, “…develop relationships based on their personalities and interests, rather than how they look.”(2) Additionally, physical beauty shouldn’t be chastised. Young people will naturally gravitate to  physically attractive people. It’s just natural.    Young White Girls should be taught that their duty to their family and country is to get married and have children. Classes that promote social reinforcement with other girls of the same age will build their confidence, “The need to belong is defined as the desire to form and maintain close, lasting relationships with some other individuals.”(14)  Social reinforcement is apart our nature as a Race, for in more ancient times the opposite was deadly, “Therefore, social rejection is experienced as ‘bitter’ in order to motivate individuals to avoid a negative state in which they do not receive the benefits of inclusion, which ultimately decreases their survival rate.”(14)   For instance, young-female students could be assigned to draw a picture of what they would look like as mothers. Apart of the activity, the students could then gather together in a circle and be asked to compliment the pictures that their fellow students drew. Additionally, young girls and teachers should be instructed to smile softly when their fellow students are talking, as this is invokes a level of social acceptance. This has been well documented by psychologists,  “Similarly, Kazdin and Klock (1973) found that smiles and physical contact enhanced the reinforcing effectiveness of verbal approval in modifying classroom behavior.” (13) The goal of these classes should be the promotion of White Girls “feeling together and feeling welcome” as future mothers; that is, young girls should feel the social acceptance of motherhood with White female peers,”…social acceptance is experienced as ‘sweet’ in order to reinforce a positive state in which people enjoy the rewards associated with inclusion.” (14)



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White American Women Are Less Likely To Race Mix

It is a fact that interracial marriage is on the rise for all races in the USA. There is a common meme that touts that White Women aren’t loyal to their race, and that they are more willing to date/marrying outside their genetic group. But the reality is that White Men are less loyal to our race because they race mix more. We must explore these facts because White Men aren’t holding their brothers accountable. This whole situation is quite simply immoral and vile.  According to Pew Research, White Women are less likely to race-mix in comparison to White Men overall.

Small marriage

Pew estimates that 11,000,000 million marriages are interracial for all racial/ethnic groups.(1)  A White Woman/Non-White Male marriage is the smallest demographic for newly weds overall, which is at 10%. Even though 10% is far too much, 12% of White Men who are newly weds are intermarried. That is even worse. Again, this is for newlyweds, not all married people overall. We need to get these percentages down to zero, period. Asian Females are more likely to marry outside of their race.


Interracial marriage

Even though 80% of all interracial couples were between a White and Non-White spouse, White Women cumulatively are a minority in interracial pairings. Pew Research tries to shove this in our faces: “1-in-5 interracial couples involve a White Woman and Hispanic Male”. (1) But the reality is that White Men are more likely to marry an Hispanic Woman, and that’s according to their own data!  22% of all intermarried couples are White Men and Hispanic Women. Overall, White Women who married outside of their race were 36% of all interracial marriages.  That means that there are around 3,960,000 White Women who are married to a Non-White Male. (1) Additionally this also means that White Women who intermarried outside of their race were less than 1.3% of the US population. (2) White Man/Non-White Female relationships makeup 43% of the mixed marriages in the United States, which translates to about 4,730,000 men. White men who married outside of their race were around 1.5% of the US population. (2)


Given the fact that females overall object to interracial marriages in the USA (12%), it’s likely that White Women disapprove of mixed marriages more than White Men do.


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Shaun vs The Great Replacement: Anti-White Rhetoric Refuted (Part 1)

Author’s note: This is an exhaustive rebuttal to a video called The Great Replacement Isn’t Real by a Youtube user known as Shaun (formerly known as Shaun and Jen). The video in question was a response to another user named Lauren Southern. It is recommended that you watch both videos, especially for a complete understanding of what arguments are being presented. When Shaun’s video was published, it was swiftly taken down by Youtube. This presumably happened because someone reported the video. Currently, it’s now back up. I do not advocate for the removal ANY video discussing politics and modern events, and I am against that type of censorship. Period. I encourage any Youtube users to mirror Shaun’s video should it be taken down again.

The portions of time that I am responding to are listed for each section. It’s the second video linked below.


  1. Introduction
  2. Ethnic Demographics and the EU
  3. Shaun ‘s claims about rhetoric
  4. Renaud Camus
  5. White Genocide and The Great Replacement
  6. Genocide as a term

                                                            1. Introduction

Lauren Southern’s original video


Shaun’s response video:


Both of these videos discuss the potential ethnic replacement in Europe and Western Nations in general. To be honest, I was never a consistent viewer of Lauren Southern’s work. I have heard good things about her involvement with the Identitarian movement within Europe.  I can only hope that she makes a lasting impact if she is genuine about the cause.  I will concede that she does need to look carefully at what she lists as evidence when making a video. But this goes for anyone making a video about sanctioned, mass immigration.  Shaun, on the other hand, is a user with seemingly left-leaning views. This guys makes videos in response to movie reviews from Stefan Molenuex, and even responds to CinemaSins (yes, that CinemaSins, which as far as I know, is intended to be humorous and not serious). Shaun made a video in response to Lauren, and we are going to review his claims.  I suppose there is no better way to start this review by simply looking at the title of Shaun’s video and reading it’s description.

Shaun video

Shaun is upholding venomous rhetoric here.  Such anti-white sentiment would disqualify Shaun from any rational consideration as it is. But let’s take this concept and explore it further. As one can see, Shaun isn’t being objective; he is letting his anti-white bigotry set the foundation for his arguments. As a matter of fact, I have very little doubt that Shaun would be repulsed by that statement if it were directed at any non-European ethnicity.  Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he encouraged physical harm against any poster that made that statement about violence against non-Europeans per se, especially if their identity was known. Afterall, he has a fetish for encouraging violence against “Duh Natzees” or any Pro-White advocate speaking publicly In this regard, he has given signals that he is emotionally/mentally unstable. I have even advised him to reject his position. He might attempt something that will not only hurt himself, but the people around him. For all of his attempts of trying to sound cool/calm, I can tell that his internet demeanor isn’t real.

Some more examples:

Shaun 1

Shaun 2


Shaun 3

Shaun may be a nasty person, but no one’s physical well-being should be compromised for vocally enunciated words (regardless of what their ideology is). Even so, we need to analyze his ideas and logical framework. That’s what I can do, and that’s the morally superior option. Let the above statements set the stage of Shaun’s mindset/political preferences: it alone reveals that he doesn’t care about Europeans as a group but he will justify mass immigration by any argument. Now then, let’s precede. I will be responding quote by quote, so please watch Shaun’s video to understand the context of what he is saying. This review will comprise of several blog posts because of the sheer amount of information discussed.

2. Ethnic Demographics and the EU


Shaun gives a comparison between the increase of women’s running speeds and the demographic change in Europe. Shaun is correct when he says that Nature declared this prediction in 1985, “Most of the error in this prediction is probably explained by the linear mathematical treatment and extrapolation of limited performance data, since including world record-setting running performances for women before and after 1985 results in a non-linear data fit.”(1) Let me be clear: I can’t see the future. But there needs to be rigorous policy change in the EU, and ethnic Europeans must boost their birth rates. The process of this happening has been called “The Ageing of Europe”. (13) I would rather be proven wrong about the potential demographic collapse in Europe. But unless ethnic Europeans do something, there is very little evidence that the EU is going to stop mass immigration into the continent. Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of EU, has confirmed this,

“I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and for our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable…”. (4)

Additionally,  she has also stated that the EU ““ will not close its doors” for migrants. (4) Antonio Tajani, who is the president of EU Parliament, has estimated that, ” …’millions of Africans’ will flood the continent in the next five years unless urgent action is taken…”.(2)  The migrations would be, “…’of biblical proportions that would be impossible to stop if we don’t confront the problem now’ “. (2) Furthermore, others are predicting around same amount of Africans attempting to enter Europe,

” ‘What we have been seeing is one of the biggest human migrations in history. And it’s just going to accelerate. Young people all have cellphones and they can see what’s happening in other parts of the world, and that acts as a magnet.'”(3)

The birthrates for ethnic Europeans is very low.  For example, Germany was recorded in 2015 has having one of the lowest birthrates in the world, “In Germany, an average of 8.2 children were born per 1,000 inhabitants over the past five years, according to the study by German auditing firm BDO with the Hamburg Institute of International Economics.” (5) We can look at Sweden too. In 2014, immigrants had an equal birthrate to  non-immigrant Swedes, and we also have to acknowledge the large amounts of immigration to the nation as it is. (7) As a matter of fact, 23.2% of Sweden’s population were of a foreign background. (14) Ethnic Germans and Swedes will become minorities/extinct in their own countries unless something is done to stop immigration. Matters are complicated even further if we look at France. The French government considers anyone who is a non-immgrant as a French person (there are many descendants of immigrants in France who aren’t of European descent).(23)   And none of this even takes into account the low birthrates elsewhere across Europe.  As one can see, the situation won’t get better unless something is done. We will discuss more of this later.

3.Shaun ‘s claims about rhetoric


I suppose Shaun doesn’t like the word “data” since TL:DR, whose videos are focused on data analysis, refuted him prior.(8)(9) Shaun claims that White Nationalists employ “rhetorical tricks” about certain political topics, especially ones that are considered “taboo”.  It’s a very bizarre thing to claim, especially when he doesn’t provide any other examples to prove this. Quite literally any person of any political background can claim to talk about a contentious issue, especially something the average person won’t discuss. As a matter of fact, individuals write frequently about how White People won’t talk about alleged racism in the public. Consider this article written by the left-leaning Chris Ladd: Why white people won’t talk about race. (11)(12)  Or you could read an article discussing about why White people allegedly won’t talk to minorities about race. (10)  Isn’t it funny how that works? See, this isn’t about ideology: it’s about how individuals frame political issues. The only person who looks silly here is Shaun. He also goes on a pointless rant about statistics. Yes, it’s possible that statistics don’t always coincide with a pro-immigrant world view.


This is just Shaun’s transition statement.

4. Renaud Camus


Lauren’s explanation of The Great Replacement is very informative and well done.  There is no good reason for supplanting ethnic Europeans with immigrants that evolved in much different environments.  She also mentions Renaud Camus, who brilliantly summed up the problems with mass immigration in his article entitled The Great Replacement and the tragedy of Sweden. I think it is important to show exactly what Camus says about the Great Replacement, just so that we can an idea of the severity of this process, “The case of Sweden, though horrible in my eyes, is also totally fascinating. I am actually convinced that the phenomenon that I call The Great Replacement – the changing of people and population, the demographic submersion, the ethnic replacement – to which all of Europe is subjected, but especially Western Europe, is in fact, despite its enormity, only part of a larger movement, replacism, the ideology of general interchangeability, humans by humans, peoples by peoples, men by women, human beings by machines, the living by inanimate objects, animals by things, as in those horrible meat factories where poor animals who will never see neither grass nor sky are literally being produced, like inanimate objects and, even worse, will often meet the halal death.” (15) Camus brilliantly shows the fatal fallacy of mass, non-European immigration into Europe: the notion that foreign populations are somehow the same to ethnic Europeans in terms of behavior, intelligence, and abilities.  Shaun will provide absolutely no evidence that non-white immigrants are interchangeable with ethnic Europeans. Not a shred of evidence.


Shaun talks about a man involved in a hate-crime incident. What’s ironic about this is that he complains about anti-semitic slurs but not about anti-white slurs. Should Shaun be fined for the anti-white statement made in the description of his video? As I have stated before, I personally don’t think that adults should be fined for speech. I don’t care what it is.

5. White Genocide and The Great Replacement


Shaun goes on a bizarre rant about the term White Genocide and The Great Replacement. He also shows the wikipedia page on White Genocide. First and foremost, Shaun doesn’t show any evidence that Lauren is blaming the Jews for the demographic decline in Europe, regardless if it’s true or not. Not a single shred of evidence is shown. He sounds like a conspiracy theorist: just assuming that Lauren is focusing on the Jews is illogical.  Secondly, White Genocide as a concept is not monolithic.  As far as I know, not everybody who adheres to the concept solely blames the Jews for this phenomena, as a matter of fact. For example, the website is associated with Both websites offer resources about immigration, demographic change, etc. The websites provide a list of organizations and people who are considered anti-white. Not everyone/every organization on the list is Jewish. (17) The fact that ethnic Europeans have low birthrates and the many of the EU politicians doesn’t seem to care is not a conspiracy theory. And as I have stated before, it’s not a conspiracy theory that many EU politicians do not want to stop immigration. I have already shown evidence that the birthrates in Sweden and Germany are low for the genuine/native population. According to the Eurostat Demographic Statistics Report,  the replacement level birthrates need to be at 2.1 children per woman, “Fertility steadily declined in the EU from the mid-1960s to the turn of the century and despite a modest increase in recent years, the total fertility rate — the mean number of children that would be born alive to a woman during her lifetime if she were to pass through her childbearing years conforming to the age-specific fertility rates of a given year — remained at a low level in 2013, when an average of 1.55 children were born to each woman. A total fertility rate of around 2.1 live births per woman is considered to be the replacement level for industrialised countries: in other words, the average number of live births required to keep the population size constant in the absence of inward or outward migration. The total fertility rate in most of the enlargement countries was considerably lower than this replacement level, and fell below the EU-28 average in Serbia (1.50; 2014 data), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1.48; 2013 data) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (1.35; 2012 data). In contrast, the total fertility rates of Turkey (2.17) and Kosovo (2.20) were slightly higher than the natural replacement level in 2014.”(18) What does this all mean? The majority of European nations are not having enough children. Turkey had one of the highest birthrates. But genetically speaking they are an intermediate between Middle-Easterners and Europeans.(19)(20) Consider this following principal component analysis:

Turkish genetics

(Charlon et al, 29)

As one can see, the Turks are not as close to Europeans as some might think. This analysis shows that Turks have large amounts of Middle Eastern, which the average European typically does not have.(30) Looking at the EU Birthrates in an illustrative diagram would also be helpful:

\Birthrates EU

                                 Fertility Rates For Each EU Nation (21)

6. Genocide as a term


Now, about Shaun’s genocide rant: he absolutely does not have a monopoly on what shall/shall not be called genocide. And any attempt to characterize genocide in one specific way is intellectually dishonest. This type of sophistry doesn’t help relieve the problem of dying European populations. There is no moral argument for the erasure of an entire group of people. It does not matter if this is being done by choice, by force, or by a mixture of both. Genocides or any ethnic cleansing are primarily immoral because of their outcomes; if people are involved in stifling the natural processes of reproduction for Europeans, then it is a crime against us as a people. If our politicians are bringing in foreigners into our habitats (our nations), then that is a crime against our children and their ability to thrive. And quite frankly,  it doesn’t matter if someone refers to this as White Genocide or The Great Replacement. The following is a list of quotations on how genocide can be defined. You will notice that they aren’t entirely the same, but there is one common theme, and that is genocide is the elimination of any population, regardless of what the cause is:

  •  “By ‘genocide’ we mean the destruction of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups….”-Raphael Lemkin (22)
  • “Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” -OFFICE OF THE UN SPECIAL ADVISER ON THE PREVENTION OF GENOCIDE (OSAPG)(24)
  • “Genocide is the deliberate destruction of physical life of individual human beings by reason of their membership of any human collectivity as such.”-Pieter N. Drost (25)
  • “Genocide is any act that puts the very existence of a group in jeopardy.”-Henry Huttenbach (25) (26)
  • “Genocide is the attempt to destroy any recognized, stable, and permanent group as it is defined by the perpetrator: [It] is a concerted effort to eliminate its individual members and to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. The perpetrators’ genocidal goals — i.e., intent, which is central to the 1948 UN definition but is often analyzed too legalistically and narrowly — can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes.”-John Cox (27)

In the next part of this series, we will continue to explore Shaun’s statement’s about populations in Europe.


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8 Answers for Sargon of Akkad about the Alt-Right


So, Sargon has made a video questioning the Alt-Right for policy analysis. First of all, the Alt-Right has never been monolithic, and I am not devoted to calling the movement one thing over another. The fact that a person like Mencius Moldbug, a Jewish Reactionary, can be considered apart of Alt-Right shows that the movement was and always has been a “big-tent”.(1)(3) I have also seen Libertarians consider themselves apart of the Alt-Right as well.  And then you have the National Socialist wing who would never be caught dead with someone like Moldbug.(2) These things are obvious to anyone who has explored our circles. I support various people who consider themselves “Alt-Right” insomuch that they support the cultural and genetic survival of Europeans everywhere.  Therefore, I use the term “Pro-White” to describe myself first and foremost. So, why should I answer Sargon’s questions? Because it seems to me that Sargon’s inquiries are more geared to the Indentitarian portion of the Alt-Right. To me, White People=European People. I will be brief.

Question One:  “Are Jews Oppressing White People?”

Not particularly.  The elites of the West are contributing to the demographic downfall of its peoples. It just so happens that some of these people are Jews, and the Jews are mixed. (12)  Individuals like George Soros are involved with funneling money to tyrannical immigration groups and far-left extremists. But the harsh reality is that there are plenty of Non-Jews involved in this attack against us. Ideologues like Angela Merkel, Stefan Löfven, Barack Obama, Joe Biden all have two things in common: they aren’t Jewish and they are driven ideologically by what could be called Global Liberalism. At its core, Global Liberalism is a philosophy that seeks to turn any majority European country into something like Brazil. This is done because many Left-wing groups want a new voting block to win elections, while the more corporate minded want cheap labor.(4)(5)(6) Because of this, Jews cannot be solely be blamed for what is occurring in the West. We lose sight of this nuanced situation by scapegoating one ethnicity.

Question 2: “Should Interracial couples be separated?”

Ideally, yes. There aren’t enough European people in the world to tolerate a single individual loss to our global community. But I understand some individuals aren’t worth saving because of their extreme social conditioning/personal preferences. In short, preserving the genetic heritage of the European Race is a Natural Right, similar to freedom of speech and the right to property. There are more than enough people across the globe for Non-Europeans to marry. In Africa, the population is quickly rising to 1 billion people.(7)  Additionally, the populations of Asian countries (like China) have already risen drastically too. China’s population is now currently 1,403,500,365. (8) So there is more than enough in-group-romantic choices for people who aren’t European. The rationale behind interracial marriage is often argued inconsistently: typically, social liberals will claim that the race of an individual is arbitrary, but then somehow, they will argue that age must be a deciding factor as to whether or not someone can consent to sex. Furthermore, mixed race infants (especially half white/non-white) are almost always unhealthy in comparison to White infants.(9)(10) And there is plenty of data showing the mental health issues of mixed race adolescents. (11)

Question 3 : Should the government prevent citizens from leaving a country to preserve the race?

This would depend on where that person is going to. I believe all Europeans need to stand their ground in Europe right now. Every ethnic European should stay where they are unless there is a “doomsday” situation. White Americans or Europeans Americans should stay where they are as well. The most important thing we must do is support each other financially, socially, or in whatever way that unites us to closer societal intimacy. The Liberal Democratic Establishment in the EU and the USA cannot be trusted. We need to congregate in areas for ourselves, and we need to put away any petty differences aside. For an ethnostate, citizens shouldn’t be allowed to leave permanently but I see no reason why someone couldn’t travel. Should there be any problems with missing individuals, we need to consider improving cloning technology so that we are avoiding ANY net losses to our nations. No individual should be lost.

Question 4: “Should the state control education?”

Yes and no. There needs to be a Federal Curriculum instilled for an ethnostate, if we achieve that scenario. There must be approved text books, activities, and classes for what children ought to learn. However, counties or states within an ethnostate should choose if they want public or private education. My preference would be private education, as public schools can potentially limit the options of the average child.  Homeschooling should obviously be an option. Proof that a homeschooled child is being socialized into the greater part of White society must be shown. At the core of this curriculum, White boys and girls need to understand that they are lives as individuals matter, and that their duty is to their country.

Question 5: “Should the state control the media?”

No, but yes for adult entertainment. Freedom of Speech needs to be preserved in our society. I even argue that preserving freedom of speech is as important as preserving the White Race in the most genetic sense.  The state shouldn’t intervene when it comes to written essays, articles, or blog posts; all people should be able to express their ideas in the form of written word. The same can be said of podcasts and videos on the internet. News organizations should be able to report what they see fit, but the problem with news stations is that they do have a tendency to be completely biased. I advocate for public, tax-funded institutions that review any/all claims about what is being stated on television. The government should openly declare when news stations are wrong, but those stations shouldn’t be censored based on their conclusions/political viewpoint. The reason for this is because too many ill-informed people have taken stations like Fox News and CNN as gospel. Pornography  of any type ought to be fully censored from any media platform.

Question 6: “Should the state control the economy?”

If we have an ethnostate, we ought to have an economy that works for the people. Therefore, private property must be fully protected, as it is the means for men and women to create products, goods, and services. For for the sake of their own liberty and for all the White people that are in their community, private property must be safeguarded. All  illegitimate debt and loans must be completely forgiven: student loans and credit card debt must be eliminated.  All banks must fused together into one national bank; there must be no privatized banks. After this,  financial power must be used prevent any fractional reserve banking. All white citizens will most likely be more wealthy because of this.  The individual income tax must be eliminated. There should be subsidies with interest-free loans and grants so that more White People will have large families.

Question 7: “Do the decisions of individual white people matter to the alt right’s goals?”

This depends on what the individual decisions are.  All of our actions matter. We need to work everyday to communicate our goals to other White people. We need to be charitable to other White people as much as possible. I don’t see anything wrong with someone having a hobby like playing video games, provided  that they aren’t sitting all day. If it’s a neutral hobby as Sargon says, I really don’t see the problem. Personally, I would love to know what Sargon views as a neutral hobby. We have to understand that the responsibility for our nations  is crucial: we need to act, speak, and do the best we can to achieve a common fraternity/social unity with all White People.

Question 8: “Should women have a role in public life?”

Yes. Women should be equal partakers in our political processes. Both men and women will be given duties to fulfill in this new society. Women should be allowed to vote, as they will be personally invested in health of the country. Every attempt should be made to facilitate motherhood for all women, and young girls need to be socialized to this role.  Women will have responsibilities to rear children and be homemakers, but I see no reason why a woman can’t run and hold office. There are plenty of competent women who could lead our countries. As a man, I would rather have a competent woman lead my nation rather than some traitorous man who would allow mass immigration.



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How Many White Americans Have Non-European Heritage?


If you are a USA citizen, please use Control+F and insert your state to find the admixture levels. 

How many White Americans have a Black ancestor? How many White Americans have a Native American ancestor? Based off the work of 23andme and Bryc et al, it was necessary to compile a list of statewide estimations of admixture. Previously, 23andme conducted a study that found that 3.5% of their White American customers had  traceable African ancestry. (4) Bryc et al expanded this research by testing a sample  size of, “… 5,269 self-described African Americans, 8,663 Latinos, and 148,789 European Americans…”(3)   The following list is intended to give an idea of how many White Americans there are in the United States. Every White American, ideally, should be given a genetic test. As I have stated elsewhere, White People who don’t have admixture need to have children with each other. It is imperative.  If we are to save our race, we need to act correctly in every regard. Also, it is important to note that these are, after all, estimations. I do have confidence in them as of now. Of course, more genetic studies ought to be conducted in the future, with sample sizes larger than  148,789.(1)  An employee of 23andme has explained that if someone has a percentage of ancestry below .4%, then it is unclear if a person has non-white heritage, “One percent is actually a pretty significant segment. It is more of an issue when you get below .5 percent. It doesn’t mean that that is indeed noise, it’s just that one has to take into consideration that possibility.”(2) The timeline feature for 23andme is very poor, as Roberta Estes has confirmed that it doesn’t match her genealogy. (63) The timeline attempts to gauge where an ancestor lived in the past centuries. Estes has found that while the genetic percentages are correct, the timeline asserts that she has a Scandinavian ancestor before 19th century. Her official genealogical records contradicts the timeline adequately. Her Scandinavian ancestry was probably a result of several ancestors who had small amounts of Viking ancestry, and each ancestor contributed to her overall Scandinavian percentage. Despite that, the actual percentages for an individual are accurate because they measure the genomic heritage of each individual overall. How we interpret each percentage is equally important.

23andme African

                                                     (Mountain et al, 2011)

For the most recent 23andme tests (V4): anything at .1-.3% is, in my estimation, probably “noise”. “Noise” could be defined as statistical percentages that don’t denote any meaningful relationship for an individual’s ancestry. But it is possible that .4% of any heritage could also be noise too. How do I know this? Several genealogists/bloggers have documented their African/Native American ancestry that confirm this pattern. For instance, Roberta Estes found that she was .5% Native American, and she at least has one Native American ancestor.(16) Another blogger from the American South found that she was .6% African through a 23andme test. She actually shared ancestry with an African American family within her region.(17) I believe that anyone that has .5% and over definitely has a non-white ancestor. I have not seen any person who has .4% of Black/American Indian ancestry that has a confirmed genealogical ancestor. It’s still possible, but I remain skeptical.  Ethnic percentages divided from .4% complicates matters even further, and I believe that those percentages are probably “noise” in this regard.  My brother’s 23andme test revealed that he was 99.8% European. Ashkenazi Jewish heritage is considered European by 23andme, and he tested for .2% Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Additionally, he tested for .2% North African heritage. I have no known North African or Jewish ancestors, and I doubt that I have any direct ancestry from these ethnicities within the last five centuries. 

In this list, I have provided the US Census numbers (2016) for how many Non-Hispanic White Americans are in each state. The official demographic Numbers for 2017 weren’t available as I was conducting research.  I subtracted the number of admixed White Americans from the overall White populations from each state. Since the raw numbers aren’t definitely stated by Bryc et al, I will attempt to show how many Whites have a Non-White ancestor based on the color-shades of the maps. In other words, I matched the colors that represent the population with the color-metric bar (the maps are below).  I did not include the Hispanic population with Non-Hispanic White Americans as many of them have African, Native American, and European ancestry. (1) I acknowledge that there are people like Alexis Bledel and Gisele Bündchen who are often called “Latinas”. But these individuals have no known Mestizo/Black Slave ancestors. This is because their ancestors came directly from Europe and their genealogical records are so well documented. (23)(24). People like Nick Fuentes have an enormous amount of American Indian and Black African ancestry. Nick even has large amounts of Middle Eastern ancestry. (32)(1)


                                                   Nick Fuentes 23andme Results

Additionally, I subtracted the Jewish population from the Non-Hispanic White population, as they are heavily admixed. (3) Why ? Most Jews consider themselves White despite this biological fact. I used the Jewish Virtual Library to find the amount of Jews in each state. The Jewish population estimates in the United States varies however. The number of people with Jewish or partial Jewish ancestry has been recently estimated at 10,550,000. (12) But Pew Research estimates that there are 9,000,000 people with partial or full Jewish ancestry.(13)  Regardless, 90% of all these people consider themselves White (13). So I took the median of the two Jewish population numbers (9,775,000) and found the percentage of this group: 90% of  9,775,000= 8,797,500. Finally, we have to consider how many White Americans have admixture out of the entire population. I couldn’t find any map within the study that showed how many Whites had 1% Native American ancestry or below. There is one for African admixture percentages for 1% and over, however. The amount of Non-Hispanic Whites with .5% to .9% non-European admixture isn’t given.  For the over all number of mixed Non-Hispanic Whites Americans, I will simply quote the entire text:“Our estimated rates of non-European ancestry in European Americans suggest that more than SIX MILLION AMERICANS, who self-identify as European, might carry AFRICAN ancestry. Likewise, as many as FIVE MILLION AMERICANS who self-identify as European might have at least 1% NATIVE AMERICAN ancestry. Louisiana’s high levels of African ancestry in European Americans are consistent with historical accounts of intermarriage in the New Orleans area.”(1) Since Mountian et al found that 3-4% of White 23andme customers had African ancestry, I applied the median percentage (3.5%) to the entire Non-Hispanic White American population. The result? 3.5% of 199,665,856.114 is 6,988,304.96399. That is extremely close to the estimations by Bryc et al, since the researchers think that this population is more than 6,000,000 but still around that quantity. Indeed, the published summary for the study confirms 6,000,000 as the bare minimum. (62) How many Whites have Native American ancestry overall? I am going to take a educated guess and place the number at 5,500,000 to 5,900,000. I am estimating this because the national average is already very low, “With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In general, the numbers seem to agree with what one would expect given the history of American colonization by Europeans and their interactions with African and Native Americans.” (11)(3)
Finally, I have subtracted the number of Middle Eastern Americans from the Non-Hispanic White American population. They are considered White by the US Census, but they are far from being European. (64) I added the various Middle Eastern ethnicities together as one unit from the US Census: Turks, Arabs, Cypriots, Iranians, Armenians, Syriacs, Georgians, Kurdish, Tajiks, Assyrians, Azerbaijanis. (65) (66)


                                                    (Bryc et al, 2015)(3)


                                                   (Bryc et al, 2015)(3)

1% African

                                     (Bryc et al, 2015, from 23andme summary.)(62)


Total Population: 325,719,178

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 199,665,856

Overall Estimated Percentage of Whites with any African Ancestry: Possibly 3.5%=6,988,304

Estimated Percentage of Whites with Native American Ancestry: Possibly 3%= 5,989,975

Jewish Population: 4-5%=  8,797,500-10,550,000

                                                        Middle Easterners: 2,122,281

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 174,015,294-175,767,796



Total Population: 4863300

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3200051

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 8%=256,004

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  .5%=16000

Jewish Population: 3,425

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2,924,622


Total Population: 741,894

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 454,039

Jewish Population: 5,750 (6)



Total Population: 6,931,071

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3742519.405

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3%=115402

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  1.2%=46160

Jewish Population: 104,225

Estimated White Americans without admixture3,580,956


Total Population: 6,931,071

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3742519

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3%=115402

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  1.2%=46160

Jewish Population: 104,225

Estimated White Americans without admixture3580956


Total Population: 2,988,248

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2176657

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 5.1%=111009

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  .8%=17413

Jewish Population: 1,775

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2048234


Total Population: 39,250,017

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 14,797,256.409

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 4%=591,890

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  1.5%=221,958

Jewish Population: 1,230,500

Estimated White Americans without admixture12,752,907


Total Population: 5,540,545

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3800813

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.2%=83617

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry:  1.5%=57012

Jewish Population: 100,100

Estimated White Americans without admixture3,560,083


Total Population: 3,576,452

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,421,258

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 1%=24,212

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%=21,791

Jewish Population: 117,850

Estimated White Americans without admixture2,257,404


Total Population: 961,939

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 605,059

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.6%=15731

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .2%=1210

Jewish Population: 15,100

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 573017.961332


Total Population: 20,612,439

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 11316229

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 6%=678973

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%=101846

Jewish Population: 654,860

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 9880549


Total Population: 10,310,371

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 5,505,738

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 8%=440,459

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .1%=5,505

Jewish Population: 128,420

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4,931,353



Total Population: 1,428,557

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 315711

Jewish Population: 7,280



IDAHO (22)

Total Population: 1,683,140

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1,386,907

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 34,672

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 3.5%= 48,541

Jewish Population: 2,125

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 1,301,567



Total Population: 12,801,539

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 7,898,549

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 197,463

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1.3%= 102,681

Jewish Population: 298,035

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 7,300,369



Total Population: 6,633,053

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 5,279,910

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3.3%= 174,237

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .2%= 10,559.

Jewish Population: 17,020

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 5,078,093


IOWA (27)

Total Population: 3,134,693

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,702,105

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.3%= 62148

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .2%= 5404

Jewish Population: 6,170

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2,628,382.



Total Population: 2,907,289

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,218,261.

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.3%= 51020.

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%= 19964

Jewish Population: 17,425

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2,129,852



Total Population: 4,436,974

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3,771,427

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 7.4%= 282,857

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .8%= 30,171

Jewish Population: 11,300

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 3,447,099



Total Population: 4,681,666

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,762,182.94

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 12.5%=345,272.8675

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: At least 5%=138,109

Jewish Population: 13,875

Estimated White Americans without admixture2,264,925


MAINE (29)

Total Population: 1,331,479

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1,244,932

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 1%= 12,449

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .8%= 9,959

Jewish Population: 13,890

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 1,208,633



Total Population: 6,052,177

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3098470

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2%=61969

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%= 27886

Jewish Population: 238,200

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2770414



Total Population: 6,811,779

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4972598.67

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.4%= 119342

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%= 27886

Jewish Population: 274,680

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4568631



Total Population: 9,928,300

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 7485938

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 248207

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%= 89354

Jewish Population: 83,155

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 7,065,222




Total Population: 5,519,952

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4449081

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: .1%= 4449.081

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.5%= 111227.025

Jewish Population: 45,750

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4,287,654



Total Population: 2,988,726

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1700585

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 7.9%= 134346

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2%= 34011.7

Jewish Population: 1,525

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 1530702



Total Population: 6,093,000

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4,856,121

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3%= 145,683

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .8%= 38,848

Jewish Population: 64,275

Estimated White Americans without admixture4,607,315



Total Population: 1,042,520

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 901,779

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%=22,544

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.6%= 23,446

Jewish Population: 1,450

Estimated White Americans without admixture854,339



Total Population: 1,907,116

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1,518,064

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: Presumably 0%

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .4%= 7,628

Jewish Population: 6,150

Estimated White Americans without admixture1,504,286




Total Population: 2,940,058

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1,504,286

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 5% = 75,214

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 3.9%= 58,667

Jewish Population: 76,300

Estimated White Americans without admixture1,294,105



Total Population: 1,334,795

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1,211,993

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2% = 24,239

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: Presumably 0%

Jewish Population: 10,120

Estimated White Americans without admixture1,177,633



Total Population: 8,944,469

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4,991,013

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.3%=114,793

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .4%= 19,964

Jewish Population: 545,450

Estimated White Americans without admixture4,310,806



Total Population: 2,081,015

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 792,866

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.6%= 20,614

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 3.5%= 19,964

Jewish Population: 12,625

Estimated White Americans without admixture739,663



Total Population: 19,745,289

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 11,017,871

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 275,446

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .9%= 99,160

Jewish Population: 1,759,570

Estimated White Americans without admixture8,883,695



Total Population: 10,146,788

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 6,443,210

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 7.9%= 502,570

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .4%= 25,772

Jewish Population: 35,435

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 5879433



Total Population: 757,952

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 644,259

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 1.5%= 9,663

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 4%= 12,885

Jewish Population: 400

Estimated White Americans without admixture621,311


OHIO (48)

Total Population: 11,614,373

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 9,233,426

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3%= 277,002

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .3%= 27,700

Jewish Population:  147,715

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 8,781,009



Total Population: 3,923,561

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,597,397

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 5%= 129,869

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.8%= 72,727

Jewish Population: 4,625

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2,390,176



Total Population: 4,093,465

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3,127,407

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 78,185

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 3%= 93,822

Jewish Population: 40,650

Estimated White Americans without admixture2,914,750



Total Population: 12,784,227

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 9,843,854

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.3%= 226,408

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .3%= 29,531

Jewish Population: 291,140

Estimated White Americans without admixture9,296,775



Total Population: 1,056,426

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 774,360

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: .9%=6,969

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: Presumably 0%

Jewish Population: 18,750

Estimated White Americans without admixture748,640



Total Population: 4,961,119

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 3,170,155

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 12.5%= 396,269

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1.5%= 47,552

Jewish Population: 13,820

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 2,712,514



Total Population: 865,454

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 713,999

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: .5%= 3569

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: Presumably 0%

Jewish Population: 250

Estimated White Americans without admixture710,179



Total Population: 6,651,194

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4,935,185

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 5.5%= 271,435

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .2%= 9,870

Jewish Population: 19,800

Estimated White Americans without admixture4,634,080


TEXAS (54)

Total Population: 27,862,596

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 11,869,465

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 6%= 712,167

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.2%= 261,128

Jewish Population: 160,505

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 10,735,665


UTAH (55)

Total Population: 3,051,217

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 2,404,358

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.1%= 50,491

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1.7%= 40874.086

Jewish Population: 5,650

Estimated White Americans without admixture2,307,342



Total Population: 624,594

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 581,497

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.5%= 15,614

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1.9%= 11,867

Jewish Population: 5,985

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 548,031



Total Population: 8,411,808

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 5,248,968

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 6%= 314,938

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1.1%=57,738

Jewish Population: 95,695

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4,780,597



Total Population: 7,288,000

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 5,065,160

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 2.7%= 131,694

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.8%= 141,824

Jewish Population: 78,125

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4,713,516



Total Population: 1,831,102

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 1690107

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 4.9%=82,815

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: .3%=5070.321

Jewish Population: 2,310

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 1,599,911



Total Population: 5,778,708

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 4,721,204

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 1%= 47,212

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 1%= 47,212

Jewish Population: 33,055

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 4,593,724



Total Population: 585,501

Total Non-Hispanic Whites: 492,406

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 1% or more African Ancestry: 3.3%= 16,249

Estimated Percentage of Whites with 2% or more Native American Ancestry: 2.8%= 13,787

Jewish Population: 1,150

Estimated White Americans without admixture: 461,220




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                                                            23andme Supplement


supplemnt 2


A New White American Republic


                                 The Grand Union Flag, The First Flag Of The USA

Table of Contents




Over the course of decades, pro-white activism has flourished across the globe. With the rise immigration and anti-White sentiment, many of European-descent are aware of this reality: an ethnostate must be built for themselves and their children. An ethnostate would simply be areas designated for European kind exclusively. This new state would facilitate the needs for child-rearing, and would be defined by its ethnic/genetic/racial separation. But how would this ethnostate function? What would be the classification for this dominion? Many have delineated on this future undertaking. Some advocate for monarchy, a restoration of that old order which occupied Europe throughout the past (and even into the present time). Others have advocated for an ethnocentric anarchism, which would exist after a hyper-capitalist collapse.  It is necessary to explore, and refine what should be the center of our politics. In these times, White America must join together in one political union, secede from the current United States government. Secession is an American tradition: The American Revolutionaries (21), the Harford Convention,(22) and the Confederate States of America (24) all upheld secession at one point or another.  The Modern, Federal government’s tyranny against White America is demonstrable: endless wars, nonconsensual-mass immigration, and an infringement of speech in public places.  It is necessary that we must embrace the Republican-Federal virtues set by our forefathers, and re-establish a Federal government that works to preserve White American society. This article is intended as a primer.


Europe…is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of religious liberty from every part of Europe… we claim brotherhood with every European Christian.– Thomas Paine (5)

The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger. The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier, defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.George Washington (26)

I have sometimes thought there could not be a stronger testimony in favor of religion or against temporal enjoyments, even the most rational and manly, than for men who occupy the most honorable and gainful departments and [who] are rising in reputation and wealth, publicly to declare their unsatisfactoriness by becoming fervent advocates in the cause of Christ…- James Madison (28)

True Christians are assured that no temptation (or trial) shall happen to them but what they shall be enabled to bear; and that the grace of Christ shall be sufficient for them.- Roger Sherman (29)

The New White American Republic ought be a Christian country. I understand that Christianity is an important part of our cultural psyche. The United States of America was previously a Christian nation, and many of our most crucial values can be traced to Anglo-American Protestant civilization (and many of Founding Fathers were of descendants of English Protestants).(14) (15)(16)(17)(18)(19) Indeed, American civilization was successful of because it’s English-British social values,”…what explains why some Anglo- American democracies are more orderly and prosperous than others is, once again, mores.”(23) There should never be a federal denomination, as this would only cause division between the various Christian sects & non-believers of our people. Our government and public leaders at all levels should reflect Christian beliefs and values.  We must show gentleness to all White Americans. The Atheists, Agnostics, Heathens, Pagans, or non-believer must never be oppressed. We must oppose all efforts to weaken the Christian heritage of White America, including the unconstitutional elimination of prayers and other Christian expression in public institutions. The elected president of this new republic ought to endorse public, religious expressions: this can take the form of issuing for days of prayer at the national level, and for fasting. After all, James Madison had done so when he was president. (30)  This new White American Republic should support Christian organizations for printing Bibles, as James Madison signed into law during his presidency. (2)  This brilliant move by Madison is a perfect model for us today: all Christians are bound by the Holy Bible. We believe it is the Word of God.  It is necessary that a federal law is passed for this in the new Federal-Republic. All White Christians are united in likeness with this book, and we don’t have to surrender our Federal institutions to any ordained clergy that claims to be the true church. The only king that we Christians submit to is Christ; therefore our government shall govern the affairs of man in the Christian way.


                                             THE WHITE AMERICAN NATION

I cannot consent to separate America from Europe. I consider the people of the United States as that portion of the English people who are commissioned to explore the forests of the New World, while the rest of the nation…-Alexis de Tocqueville (25)

With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people – a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence-John Jay (4)

Similarly, when he (Thomas Paine) explained America to Frenchmen in his Rights of Man, Paine remarked that America was populated by the descendants of Englishmen, Dutch, Scots, Irish, Germans, Swedes, French, ‘and some few of all the European nations.’-James V. Lynch (7)

Where was there ever a confederacy of republics united as these states are…or, in which the people were so drawn together by religion, blood, language, manners, and customs?-John Dickinson (31)

The United States was an extension European civilization and White America is a part of the global, European family.  There are critical elements to our nature and ancestry – something wholly West-looking, perhaps Brythonic, that sets us apart as our own people, different from all others. We are an Atlantic race, descended from the seed of European men, and the womb of European women.  We are the Americans. The New White American Republic should be an integral part of European civilization and  European people. Therefore, mass immigration must be fully opposed in this new Republic. If  Pro-White advocacy is to flower in America, it must be based on the true “race and land” philosophy of the historical American nation. America was rooted in blood ties, loyalty to kin and the search for scientific results. It was also rooted in the English notion of property rights. With the advent of genetic testing, we must determine who is entirely white, based principally on the history of this country. Anyone who is wholly European will be members of the nation. We will protect our gene pool by only allowing full-blooded white men reproducing with full-blooded white women. There must be a federal amendment to squash all attempted efforts to mix the races of mankind.  The heritage of the every European ethnicity shall be preserved. There will be federal laws opposing forced integration of the various races.

“A well-regulated genetics program made necessary for the preservation of White America, shall not be infringed.”

There must a be complete program that is dedicated to the preservation of European genetic heritage. Our genetic heritage is who we are; it is a unique gift of Nature that has shown itself to be relentlessly beautiful, talented, and brilliant. The entire European genetic structure is a story: it isn’t just molecular objects. It’s an entire tale of struggle, sacrifice, and passion passed down through reproduction. It is the deepest expression of Nature’s drive of survival within us,“Our genomes contain a record of historical events. This is because when groups of people are separated for generations, the DNA sequence in the two groups’ genomes will change in different ways. Looking at the differences in the genomes of people from the same population can help researchers to understand and reconstruct the historical interactions that brought their ancestors together.”(32) The European disposition has produced unique things for all of humanity to thrive on. It has partially produced unique culture, as culture is indeed partially influence by genetic heritage. There isn’t a moral reason to take that value/uniqueness and nullify it. Healthy organisms don’t bargain for their existence, and we must assert our birthright for survival without hesitating.  I think the least others can do for us is let us thrive as we are. Some of the most important intellectuals of all time were not only of European descent, but had no known non-European ancestors:

  • Thomas Edison (8)
  • The Wright Brothers (9) (10)
  • Benjamin Franklin (12)
  • Alexander Graham Bell (13)

White Americans are the true heirs of this American land because our ancestors paid for it in blood, sweat and tears. Our ancient rights and liberties, those repeatedly proclaimed in all of our precious documents from the Magna Carta to the Mayflower Compact to the Bill of Rights, the State Constitutions, and the US Constitution belong to us in perpetuity as surely as any inherited heirloom belongs to its owner. White Americans ought to fulfill the goal of John Winthrop set in his New England colony/community for this new White Republic. The goal of our new society should promote complete and total social unity among ourselves. As John Winthrop once wrote, “…we must be knitt together in this work as one man, we must entertain each other in brotherly Affection, we must be willing to abridge our selves of our superfluities, for the supply of others necessities, we must uphold a familiar Commerce together in all meekness, gentleness, patience and liberality, we must delight in each other, make others Conditions our own rejoice together, mourn together, labor, and suffer together, always having before our eyes our Commission and Community in the work, our Community as members of the same body…”.(3) The citizens must shun all foreign ideologies.  There needs to be federal funding of any/all institutions that promote our folk tales and folk ways from Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Mediterranean cultures. For example, our descendants must learn the Norse, Slavic, Celtic, and Mediterranean Mythology. (20) Profound meaning must be taught from our folklore: young white boys should look up to Odin, Cu Chulainn, Hercules, Belobog, etc. Young white girls should look up to the most feminine, gentile women from our history or any fictional female figure. They ought look up to feminine heroes that promote a vision of motherhood.


The Whig canon and the neo-Harringtonians, John Milton, James Harrington and Sidney, Trenchard, Gordon and Bolingbroke, together with the Greek, Roman, and Renaissance masters of the tradition as far as Montesquieu, formed the authoritative literature of this culture…-JGA Pocock


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Der Doktorant vs. Race

Author’s note: This is a response blog to a video by two Youtube users: Kraut&Tea and  Der Doktorant, specifically addressing what  Doktorant claimed about racial labels and their medical implications. Another user, The Alternative Hypothesis (Alt-Hype), made a video in response to Kraut’s/Doktorant’s video. To understand what arguments are being presented, I recommend watching both videos completely. Additionally, it is recommended that one reads Alt-Hypes’ article, as it is the main subject of both videos.

Kraut&Tea/ Der Dokotarant’s video

The Alt Right is too Dumb for Genetics (and Maths)

Alternative Hypothesis’ response video

Kraut and the Struggle to Address Arguments Someone is Actually Making

Alternative Hypothesis’ original article

The Existence of Race

Kraut and Tea, a popular liberal Youtube user, has made several videos responding to people who believe in race.  In particular, one such video criticized an article written by Alt-Hype on his blog. The article is entitled The Existence of Race, and sets out to prove that human populations can be categorized via genetic differences. In short, Kraut made a video that criticizes Alt-Hype’s thesis; Kraut brings objections mostly based from alleged taxonomic difficulties. Der Dokorant provides his own arguments. He attempts to show that IQ is not inheritable, and argues via allele frequency and so forth. But Der Dokorant also argues that there are problems with labeling people via Racial/ethnic label in medical predicaments. Alt-Hype then proceeded with a response video, and he points out some of the errors made by both users. What can I say about this debate? I believe that Alt-Hype won because he made fewer errors overall. He cited evidence contrary to Kraut’s criticisms. Overall, I think he made a better video. Kraut made such basic errors when it came to taxonomy that I don’t think anyone can honestly defend him here: as an example, he claimed that different sub-species can’t produce fertile offspring. This was to debunk the notion of human races. The problem with this claim is obvious: there are plenty of documented instances of subspecies creating fertile offspring. One great example of this is Orangutan sub-species, “Reintroduction of a genetically distinct subspecies has led to hybridization in an endangered wild orangutan population, report scientists. Inter-breeding animals from two genetically distinct populations can sometimes lead to ‘hybrid vigor’, in which offspring reap the benefits of their parents’ individual qualities.”(2) But I still feel that Alt-Hype could add more to his video. I think that he could have responded to Dokorant’s part in depth, specifically for the parts where Doktorant discusses the medical applications of race. Therefore, I will respond in kind.  I will not be responding to Der Doktorants statements on IQ, as Alt-Hype has already responded to this.  These statements about IQ can be found at around 5:00-8:49 in Kraut’s video. The part that I am critiquing will begin at 8:49 and ends at 13:11. I do believe in race, and the basis for this would lie in genetic differences between populations. To put it another way, biological races ought to be defined as humans that are grouped together based on genetic clusters. This involves, “…individuals grouped into geographical clusters largely corresponding to sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the part of Asia west of the Himalayas, the part of Asia east of the Himalayas, Oceania, and the Americas. These observations are compatible with serial sampling, assuming that major geographic barriers such as oceans, the Sahara desert, and the Himalayas were not frequently crossed during human migrations.”(5) There is, at least to me, a justification of for a many race theory due to previously isolated groups producing offspring.

Der Doktorant says:

8:49-9:25 When we are talking about medical predispositions and overall vulnerability to diseases the causation is pretty clear, most of the time. Since different continental populations develop under different environmental factors. Doctors and other medical staff have to be aware of this fact in order to provide medical treatment. It is actually pretty similar to difference between men and women. But of course there is a huge caveat to all of this. Let’s have a look at the publication ‘Population profiling’ and public health risk: When and how should we use race/ethnicity?

It is consoling to see Doktorant admit that genetic predispositions exist. Doktorant is now going to read verbatim from this lone source by George T. Ellison. To counter this publication later on, I will be using a study entitled Categorization of humans in biomedical research: genes, race and disease.  This study was produced by at least 10 different researchers, including the famous Neil Risch. It is important to note that the researchers are operating from a different definition of what race is, “…racial and ethnic categories arose primarily through geographic, social, and cultural forces and, as such, are not stagnant, but potentially fluid…”. However, the researchers also conclude that, “Even though these forces are not biologic in nature, racial or ethnic groups do differ from each other genetically, which has biologic implications.”(3)  Specific cultural identifiers of ethnic groups aren’t biological in the most direct sense (nobody is born knowing how to dance polka, for instance).  Given the fact that I have already defined race as being genetic in nature, by default, this has made the definition scientifically valid.  Indeed Neil Risch has also stated that a, “…people’s self-identified race/ethnicity is a nearly perfect indicator of their genetic background.”(4)

Der Doktorant says:

9:27-9:59 Which illustrates why is not that easy or even warranted to use race or ethnicity as a criterion to categorize people, even in the context of medical treatment. The author George Ellison writes, “Setting aside for a moment, the debate about what race/ethnicity means (be this a biological, social, or political aspect of group identity), it is still pertinent to ask whether it can be reliably measured. At first sight race/ethnicity appears inherently unreliable. There is little consensus on what race/ethnicity means, or on how it should be defined and measured.”

There seems to be a genetic link between racial/ethnic labels, and it is actually extremely accurate. Therefore, this correlation can be demonstrated or measured. Traits of racial groups can be recorded, and medical professionals could potentially categorize patients via genomic heritage. According to Tang et al, a research team found that, “…3,636 subjects of varying race/ethnicity, only 5 (0.14%) showed genetic cluster membership different from their self-identified race/ethnicity.” To put it another way, this genetic testing had a 99.86%  success rate. This study tested 326 microsatellite markers in a multiethnic-test group. (6) Furthermore, there are countless other ways one can identify certain racial groups in medical examinations. Dental morphology can be accurately measured and assigned. European and African individuals, for instance, have a high correlation with certain dental patterns, “Correct assignment of race was made in 90% of cases.”(7)  Individuals can also be categorized based on cortical surface of their brain as well, “…three-dimensional geometry of cortical surface is highly predictive of individuals’ genetic ancestry in West Africa, Europe, East Asia, and America…”. (8)

brain race

Color-Coded Morphing Process of the 3D Geometry of the Cortical Surface”-CC Fan et al (YRI=Yoruban, CEU= Utah European American, EA=East Asian, NA=Native American)

And lastly, cranial measurements also vary from race to race, “… Crania of African ancestry tended to have a narrower cranial base, and those of Northern European ancestry had elongated occipital and frontal regions. Crania of East Asian ancestry had a high cranial vault, and crania of Native American ancestry were flatter.” (8) All of these things are objective facts; they aren’t social constructs. Using racial categories can actually help doctors understand predispositions within certain communities, which is invaluable for practically everyone. But we will delve into this even further later.

Der Doktorant says:

9:59-10:31 First of all race or ethnicity is a construct, not something that can be easily or reliably measured with objective criteria. There are no clear definitions on where racial boundaries start and end. Therefore even in the medical context, self-assigned race or ethnicity is the most commonly used technique in order to measure this trait. If I need to explain to you, and by this I mean using it as an argument for the reality of race, puts you in really bad position. There is no point in saving you intellectually.

I have already covered in detail why racial categories have legitimacy. It’s because, again, there are consistent genetic patterns that place related individuals together.  Yes, these patterns are reliable; they coincide with reliably measured traits. Differences in YtDNA/mtDNA can be measured in a genomic sample. These differences make populations distinguishable. As for the statement of racial boundaries, the genetic distance between two populations can be seen as a boundary between two isolated populations. In terms of historical descent, the major continental groups can be grouped accordingly. According McEvoy et al,  the genetic distance between all major continental groups can be diagrammed as a “tree of descent”,  “ The matrix of pairwise interpopulation genetic distances (FST values) was used to construct a neighbor-joining (NJ) phylogenetic tree that summarizes the relationship of the 52 populations to each other (Figure 1A). The tree divides the populations into five broad groups: African, East Asian, West Eurasian (European, Middle Eastern, and Central and South Asian populations), American, and Oceanic. (Whole-genome genetic diversity in a sample of Australians with deep Aboriginal ancestry).” (9) It is logical to assume subdivisions within all of these continental groups, as closely related European ethnic groups have stratification in terms of, “…close correspondence between genetic and geographic distances; indeed, a geographical map of Europe arises naturally as an efficient two-dimensional summary of genetic variation in Europeans. The results emphasize that when mapping the genetic basis of a disease phenotype, spurious associations can arise if genetic structure is not properly accounted for. In addition, the results are relevant to the prospects of genetic ancestry testing; an individual’s DNA can be used to infer their geographic origin with surprising accuracy–often to within a few hundred kilometers.” (10)

Der Doktorant says

10:36-11:30 It is more difficult to set aside the contested meaning of race/ethnicity to discuss its reliability as a proxy for other variables. In part this is because, as we have already seen, there is no universally accepted definition of the term. But this is also because race/ethnicity is associated with a wide range of biological and social variables, and because its use as a measure and a proxy for either can lead to stereotyping and discrimination. So, even if we accept a definition race or ethnicity and try to use it as a proxy for medical relevant variables, we arrive at the next big problem. These categories are not purely biological they also have a great social dimension to it. And again, this further complicates the matter and leads doctors, physicians, and other medical staff to be extremely cautious when using self-assigned race as criterion for medical assessment.

Again, this is similar to what Doktorant said around 9:59-10:31. We have ways of defining/categorizing individuals based on their genomic heritage. We can cluster individuals with similar populations.  These things are not cultural, they simply exist.  In practice, looking at someone’s ethnicity would be important for making inferences on what genes influence their wellbeing, “As many as 25 percent of white people (especially in northern Europe) are heterozygous for the CCR5–delta32 variant, which is protective against HIV infection and progression, whereas this variant is virtually absent in other groups, thus suggesting racial and ethnic differences in protection against HIV.” If an HIV patient happens to be non-European and self identifies as such, it would be wise for a doctor to be aware of this fact. That patient may very well be worse off, and extra attention to the patients’ health could save his/her life. But as for racial discrimination via labels in the medical field, some have argued that the opposite is true. According to the research team Neil Risch was a part of, they found that, “Information about patients’ ethnic or racial group is imperative for the identification, tracking, and investigation of the reasons for racial and ethnic differences in the prevalence and severity of disease and in responses to treatment…Information is also crucial for identifying different risk-factor profiles even when a disease does not occur with dramatically different frequencies in different racial or ethnic groups.”   Ethnic minorities can be possibly ignored in clinical studies, especially if medical researchers don’t use racial/ethnic categorization, “…racial and ethnic minorities in the United States are underrepresented in many clinical studies. If investigators ignored race and ethnic background in research studies and persons were sampled randomly, the overwhelming majority of participants in clinical studies in the United States would be white, and minority populations would never be adequately sampled.” And lastly, they conclude that, “Although there are potential social costs associated with linking race or ethnic background with genetics, we believe that these potential costs are outweighed by the benefits in terms of diagnosis and research.” (emphasis added)  If a doctor is cautious in a medical situation regarding the patient’s ethnicity, they should know that, “… information on race or ethnic background can provide important clues to effects of culture, access to care, and bias on the part of caregivers, even in genetically admixed populations.” (3).  Ultimately, I am not claiming that this is the most important consideration a doctor should think of in a life threatening situation.  But bearing in mind the consistency of genetic predisposition, this is certainly one of the most important aspects here.

Der Doktorant says:

11:37-12:13 Given the association between race/ethnicity and a range of biological and social variables, its use as a proxy for both seems entirely pragmatic. However, the multiple uses of race/ethnicity generate a confused picture of what the term actually means. Using race/ethnicity as an analytical tool also reflects an assumption (or least creates the impression)that: the difference between the groups are distinct; the groups are relatively homogeneous; and the biological, social, biological differences are an essential ingredient, if not a detriment, of group identity. While these assumptions might hold true for some characteristics of some categories, in some contexts, they do not hold true for characteristics of most categories in most contexts.

Again, differences between racial groups are distinct. Think of a comparison between two ethnic groups, a single ethnic Swede’s ytDNA is going to be more similar to a Norwegian then a Pakistani (for obvious reasons).  I believe confusion around race/ethnicity can be solved by seeking genetic answers. But we need to analyze a certain sentence here: “Using race/ethnicity as an analytical tool also reflects an assumption…the groups are relatively homogeneous.” Whatever a doctor thinks about someone’s genetic heritage would wholly depend on how educated they are (especially when it comes to admixture in certain people). This was a very bizarre claim on Doktorant’s/Ellison’s part. Are there any statistics that prove doctors have this assumption about continental populations? This really needs to be addressed. What of the next statement? “…and the biological, social, biological differences are an essential ingredient, if not a detriment, of group identity. While these assumptions might hold true for some characteristics of some categories, in some contexts, they do not hold true for characteristics of most categories in most contexts.”  This statement is so vague that I can’t really answer it unless assuming certain intent. If Ellison\Doktorant is talking about doctors, again, no example is given that a doctor might hold the same about assumption about two people from the same ethnicity. The reality is that some ailments just affect some groups more than others. No rational medical professional would diagnose alcoholism in every Native American patient they meet (unless they had the symptoms). (11)

Der Doktorant says:

12:14-12:28   Another important point. Groups based on race or ethnicity, so called continental populations do not show distinctive differences…

Alt-Hype also did rebuttal to this point, and he did it pretty well. For the sake of brevity, I will add my thoughts here. Doktorant is almost completely wrong about this statement. There are indeed distinctive differences between continental groups; we have already proven this multiple ways. But let’s look at another example, just so we can lay this myth to rest. Skin color is affected by certain genes.  When comparing European and Indian populations, for instance, we can see dramatic differences physically, and the difference is based on a single SNP (Singular-Nucleotide Polymorphism) “Our data confirm the earlier results and furthermore demonstrate that the SLC45A2allele is a more specific AIM than the SLC24A5 allele because the former clearly distinguishes the Sri Lankans from the Europeans.” Furthermore, “A large fraction (on the order of 25-40%) of the between population variance in the complexion of Africans and Europeans can be predicted by substitution on one SNP in the gene SLC24A5. The substitution has a major phenotypic effect, and, exhibits a great deal of between population variation. One variant is nearly fixed in Europeans, and another is nearly fixed in Africans.”(14)

12:14-12:28  …they are not homogeneous, and there is big, big overlap between populations.

The concept of homogeneous populations can be helpful when comparing admixture levels between populations. We should strive to preserve populations from admixture that previously wasn’t there.(16) (Norwegians, for instance, do not have any traceable West African ancestry SNPS, like SLC24A5.(15) We should prevent African admixture in that population. Lastly: the claim that there is big overlap between populations is only relevant if you compare the genetic distance between humans. Not all groups share a genetic relation to each other. And not all groups share overlap with each other either. It is necessary to demonstrate this with a cluster plot. Let’s look at an applicable example:  many Indians aren’t going to have traceable ancestry from modern Han Chinese people. (16) In other words, they don’t share many Haplogroups that would imply some continuous relationship.

Genetic overlap

Malaysia-Kensiu (MY-KS) (Negrito)Thailand-Mon (TH-MO), Thailand-Karen (THKA), China-Jinuo (CN-JN), India-Spiti (IN-TB), China-Uyghur (CN-UG); European American Utah(CEU) 

Note that the majority of Indians are clustered farther away from the Han Chinese. The same can also be said of the CEU group, which are White Americans from Utah. None of the individuals from CEU overlap with the Han Chinese, or any East Asian cluster. CEU is not even close in terms of proximity. Uyghurs cluster closer because they live in Central Asia. Historically, this tribe had connections with various peoples on the Silk Road, and they do have admixture from many different Asian peoples.(17) For the massive overlapping blob to the right corner, this cluster group is an assemblage of East Asian people who are closely related, “…the Han Chinese have grown to become the largest ethnic group today in a demographic expansion that has occurred mostly within historical times. STRUCTURE reveals that the six Han Chinese population samples in our study show varying degrees of admixture (Fig. 1 and figs. S1 to S26) between a northern Altaic cluster and a Sino Tibetan/Tai-Kadai cluster, which most frequently appears in the ethnic groups sampled from southern China and northern Thailand.”(16) All these examples prove that genetic overlap is not universally distributed across the globe, especially when we compare different ethnic groups.


Practically everything Doktorant says here is a rehash of what he said previously in his points. Therefore, I will not critique it.


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